Commonly called or mistaken for kabuki reveal, curtain drop, curtain reveal, double drop reveal, reveal and drop system, events kabuki, kabuki curtain, kabuki projection

What is a Kabuki Drop?
How, When and where to use Kabuki Drop and Kabuki Reveals?

The Kabuki drop creates a very neat and swift ‘drop’ of a fabric or drape that reveals what is behind it leaving your audience in awe.
The material to be dropped or revealed can be simple fabric, a laser screen, a banner with a logo or even a projection screen.
The Kabuki reveal is a favourite with product launches and reveals of any sort. Use it as a projection surface at vehicle launch, corporate event or product launch, right before it drops to reveal a new product or logo.
At concerts, use it to conceal the mainstage or headlining act’s DJ booth, to drop it on the first track, or for a wedding as a projection surface before it drops to reveal the couple.
Go all out and do a double drop or a reveal and drop; where a rolled up logo or product branded fabric is dropped to be revealed (stays hung) from a truss for the audience to see and then dropped again to the floor so the show can go on.
Kabuki Drop units are generally clamped onto a truss or scaffolding structure above what is being concealed or needs to be revealed
Depending on the model and weight/density of the fabric; generally a kabuki drop is placed at a distance of 1 meter from one-another to be able to evenly suspend the fabric.
It is scalable and an have as many kabuki units required as the width of the fabric to be dropped.

What is the price of Kabuki Drops?

Revibe FX offers a variety of Kabuki jets available from manufacturers like Magic FX.

The rental price of Kabuki Drops varies based on model, hire type, consumables and logistics.

The price for Purchase of Kabuki Drops varies based on brand, model and accessories required. You can purchase the Kabuki Drops from us, we then recommend the right accessories for it.

For Installations; costing depends on the positioning and length of the fabric, curtain or banner as that decides the number of Kabuki Drops required.
To ensure correct costing for Kabuki Drops for nightclub installations; we carry out a thorough site visit and submit a competitive proposal. Once approved; we then install it in your venue and provide our market renowned after sales service & support and prompt response time.

We are proud that our kauki Drops are behind some of the biggest Venues and Nightclubs in the nightlife Industry here in the U.A.E. and using our years of experience we also custom build and install complete Kabuki Drop and kabuki Reveal systems for Entertainment venues.

For accurate pricing for Rental, Purchase or Installation of Kabuki Drops; Click to Call or Whatsapp or Email .

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Maria Eldin
Maria Eldin
22. January, 2024.
The team was superb. Professional, Organized, recommended the best effects for our events, and stepped up at the last minute to make it all come together. Thank you from the team at City Challenge Yas Mall!
stephany daou
stephany daou
23. October, 2023.
What an amazing opportunity to work with people who are honest, professional, and punctual Thank you for the amazing service, though it was a short notice I highly recommend your service
Clifton Cardozo
Clifton Cardozo
22. October, 2023.
Amazing job by revibe team. Their ability to adapt to an ever changing event requirement is what will make me work with them for a very long time. Love their response time. Amazing job guys. the tech you guys provided allowed me to produce a magnificent wedding here!! Kudos to you...
Kunal Rupani
Kunal Rupani
14. June, 2023.
Kaushal and the entire Revibe team are extremely professional and always offer the best kind of special effects for all our events. From fire blowers, to pyro to customized led pixel tunnels, you name it, their team are always up for a challenge and always make it happen!
4. November, 2021.
Amazing team, trustable, professional, helpful, problem solvers... I did some events with them and I'll keep doing it.
Adriana Uribe Arruda
Adriana Uribe Arruda
22. June, 2021.
Excellent customer service, the team was on time and previously discussed with me exactly what i wanted and they exceeded my expectations, thank you so much!! The sparks were amazing! Excellent quality and they went above and beyond to make the best of the celebrated day. I recommend Revibe FX Dubai very much as they are honest and reliable. Excellent service!
Eva Hailey Prithwani
Eva Hailey Prithwani
12. June, 2021.
They are really great at what they do and always have amazing results. Amazing team!

Give us a call on +971556655195 or drop us an email on info@revibefx.ae to discover how Kabuki Drop Rental can add value to your next event.

Apart from Rental, and Installation; Revibe FX also provides a complete Kabuki Service and Maintenance Schedule, where we periodically come and inspect the equipment, check for wear and tear and recommend any preventive maintenance if necessary. 

For  a thorough service; we recommend once a year for Kabuki Systems installed at indoor venues (Ramadan is a good time) and twice a year for Kabuki Systems installed at outdoor venues (season opening and about 4 months later: October and Febuary are the best).

Revibe FX currently provides Kabuki Drop Rental and Installation in the geographical region of U.A.E. (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAQ, RAK and Fujairah), KSA (Saudi Arabia- Jeddah, Damman and Riyadh), Oman, Bahrain and Qatar.